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Clinical & Communication Skills Videos for Primary Care

The PCI Academy's Skills videos are a valuable resource for enhancing the competence and confidence of health professionals and students.
Visual Demonstration
PCI Academy skills videos provide a visual demonstration of how to perform various procedures and techniques in a safe and effective manner.
Our skills videos allow you to review and practice skills at your own pace and convenience.
expert Advice
We offer feedback and tips from experts on how to improve the skills and avoid common errors.

More about our skills videos

Please feel free to make use of our videos to enhance your knowledge and skills. 

 You may not edit our videos in any way and you may not use them for commercial gain 
Primary Care International is an online training provider for primary healthcare professionals who work in different contexts around the world. Our courses aim to enhance your knowledge, skills and confidence in delivering quality primary care to diverse populations.

One of the benefits of our e-learning courses is that we have developed a range of highly-rated skills videos which are available here for free. These videos show you how to perform various clinical skills and procedures in a simple and clear way. They also provide you with explanations, tips and references for further learning. You can watch these videos anytime, anywhere, and at your own speed.

We think that these videos are useful tools for primary healthcare professionals, especially in low-resource settings where training and supervision opportunities may be scarce. That is why we offer them free of charge on our website. You can explore our video library and watch any video that interests you.

However, if you want to get the most out of our skills videos, we suggest that you view them as part of our broader e-learning package. Currently, you can only access our e-learning packages if your organisation subscribes on your behalf. Please contact us for more information. When subscribed by your organisation, you will get access to the full content of our e-learning courses, including interactive quizzes,, webinars, distance support, case studies, feedback and certificates. You will also be able to monitor your progress and performance through our learning management system.

At Primary Care International, we are dedicated to strengthening primary healthcare worldwide. We work with other organisations and institutions that share our vision and mission. We collaborate to develop and deliver high-quality e-learning courses that meet the needs and expectations of primary healthcare professionals across the globe.
If you are interested in subscribing to our e-learning packages or partnering with us, please contact us.

Clinical Skills Videos

Using a Peak Flow Meter

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Using an Inhaler

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Diabetic Foot

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Blood Pressure

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Communication Skills Videos

Using Role Play in Training

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Giving Feedback

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Motivational Interviewing

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Consultation Skills

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Breaking Bad News

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Sensitive Subjects

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